Welcome in Our Neighbourhood!

Hutchison Street is a residential street of Montreal, Quebec, stretching about 4 km from Sherbrooke Street, in the south to the north of Jean-Talon. Between Avenue des Pins and Mont-Royal, it is interrupted the Parc du Mont-Royal.

First named Taylor Street, in 1889 it took the name of the Hutchison family who owned the land through which it was opened since 1815.

« Hutchison », a pic by Thibaut Sailly

From Laurier Street to the railway that stops it north of Van Horne, it splits the districts of Outremont to the west, and of Plateau Mont-Royal which extends to the Mile End. Running through the Hasidic community neighbourhood, it is home to many families and institutions of this branch of Orthodox Judaism founded in the eighteenth century in Eastern Europe.

In June 2011, a handful of residents of the street launched the Friends of Hutchison Street group on Facebook in order to foster dialogue, compassion, mutual respect and harmony between this community and the rest of the neighbourhood.

This site was created in July 2013 by Christian Aubry, who had just moved on the street. For over one year, I (i.e. Christian) looked and listened what was going on around here. After that length of time, it seems that I have no choice to stand once again for my convictions and to start blogging — not against anyone, but for social peace, mutual respect, open-mindedness and common sense.

* Please contact me if you would like to join.

* Crédit Photo: Thibaut Sailly, CC By-NC-SA